Testimonials for Suzanne Schneider

“Suzanne is the most knowledgeable insurance person I know, and she takes the time to get to know every customer’s needs. She has an intelligent and seasoned perspective on the entire insurance industry, with expertise in her area. I have known her for many years, through a mutual interest in serving seniors. She participated in a nonprofit with me whose purpose was educating seniors about community resources, and she was a faithful and helpful contributor every time we met or had an event. She cares deeply about her community and volunteers her time generously.”
Carolyn Rosenblatt, RN, Attorney, AgingParents.com and AgingInvestor.com
“I have found Suzanne to not only know very complex details about health insurance, but she is also a most competent and helpful colleague. Suzanne works for the benefit of her clients, not for herself or even for her pocketbook. I have the highest regard for Suzanne as she is a fine human being whose reach in the community is commendable. She is involved in a wide range of important community endeavors that address the needs of older adults and is adored, respected, and sought after. If you have an insurance question, I highly recommend contacting Suzanne Schneider about any questions. She’s clear, calm, and makes seemingly impossible terminology comprehensible so that her clients can make the most informed decision. I also think she is simply a wonderful person.”
Dr. Melanie Hahn, Professor of Education, 2nd Language Learning, UC Berkeley, Stanford University
“Suzanne Schneider is the most responsive broker I have ever had. Over the years, she has kept my rates down, offered me options; made the paperwork very easy, gotten me great coverage at a great price. She is very hard working and knowledgeable; I would highly recommend her. Working with her really feels like having an advocate.”
Dot Spaet, owner Get Out of Back Pain
“Competence, integrity, personal attention, incredible follow-through and value-added service are what you get with Suzanne Schneider. As a customer of Suzanne for several years, I can say without reservation that I heartily recommend her and the insurance services she offers. I’ve had nothing but the most positive experiences. Suzanne is extremely knowledgeable, and if she is not the authority on a topic, she refers you to someone who is. She is articulate, able to explain difficult concepts, and, above all, passionate about what she does. Suzanne is the person to call for all of your insurance questions and needs.”
Diane Richwine, Training Development, Writing and Editing
“Dear Suzanne, Thank you for all your help during this traumatic event in my life. You weren’t just a person we bought insurance from and never heard from again. When I called, you were there. You’ve been very helpful, I wanted to let you know that Genworth waived the 90-day waiting period. They are willing to pay the hospice house room and board opposed to paying 24/7 for care at home. I’m so glad I purchased the long-term insurance and it’s making this terrible journey easier. I want you to know if you do have customers who are on the fence about buying this type of insurance policy, I would be willing to speak with them to let them understand how important this can be for them.”
Donald Cetta