Life Insurance

Life InsuranceWhile most people think of the inevitable when discussing life insurance, they might not know that the right policy can do a lot for them while they are alive. Life insurance is a highly effective tool for addressing inheritance and business issues or other concerns. A whole life policy, for instance, can be a safe, flexible and tax-deferred vehicle for college savings. It can also provide ready access to cash that may be needed to fund a business startup or deal with an unexpected personal situation. Life insurance can also pay you back by supplementing your income when you retire.

As your life insurance broker and advisor, I can help you find the most appropriate and adaptable policy to address your needs. I can work with you to structure your coverage— whether you require whole, universal, variable, or term life, I will review all of the options available to you and what the different plans can do so that you’ll be able to make the most informed and best decision for your particular situation.

Because I have access to sophisticated tools, such as creative premium financing, I can also show you how you can keep your investment capital working while meeting your premium obligations.

To learn more about life insurance policies and what might be best for you and your family, please contact life insurance broker Suzanne Schneider.