Medicare Insurance

Medicare Supplement insuranceAre you turning 65 and eligible for Medicare but not sure what that means for you? Have you been on Medicare for several years but want to lower your costs or just make sure that you are in the most appropriate plans?

If you are like most people who have worked in the United States, you are eligible for Medicare at 65, and it will become your primary medical coverage. There are many options for you to consider: Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Supplemental coverage – it can become confusing in a hurry. There are time frames that are important to keep in mind so that you don’t miss any critical deadlines. You may also have other insurance, like employer, union, military, or veterans’ benefits that will impact what additional coverage you may need.

As an experienced Medicare insurance broker, I can help you understand what Medicare is going to cost you, what it will provide coverage for, and not provide coverage for. I can also help you determine if you should purchase a Medicare Supplement, Prescription Drug Plan (Part D), or a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C). If you’ve been on Medicare for a while, I can help you determine if you can reduce the cost of your Supplement or prescription plans with lower cost options.

Call me to get the process started. Or, if you still have a few years before turning 65, contact me to learn more about what to expect so that you can be better prepared.

To learn more about Medicare insurance options, please contact Medicare insurance broker Suzanne Schneider.