Disability Insurance for Individuals and Businesses

Disability insuranceNo one expects to become disabled, but the risks cannot be ignored. Studies have shown that an individual’s chances of suffering a disability lasting at least a year during their career are as high as 20%.

While it would be nice to have a year’s worth of savings tucked away, regardless of our income, few of us do. The smart way to provide for the unexpected is through quality disability insurance. As a disability insurance broker, I work with both businesses and individuals. I explain the different types of coverage, elimination periods, benefit periods, and special or optional protections in plain language. I can help you shop for coverage with the best disability insurance carriers and find the most appropriate policy at the best price. My goal is to provide the information you need to make the most knowledgeable  decision possible.

If you were to become disabled, would you be able to continue to pay for your home mortgage, car, family, and other obligations for three months? Six months? A year or longer? If this happened to one of your employees, would they have the income they needed? The right kind of disability insurance will give you and your employees that peace of mind.

To learn more about disability insurance options for individuals and businesses, please contact disability insurance broker Suzanne Schneider.